Sunday, June 30, 2013


Bobservations Column
by Pastor Bob Lawrenz

    Though we are well beyond spring time today, its effects are seen everywhere as another group of flowers and  flowering trees comes into their season. Daisies are here, as the peonies die off. The fruit trees are well into their fruit-growing season while the Catalpa trees are in full bloom this week. Each flower and blossom has a unique time to give its show. Our excitement grows towards the end of winter in anticipation of the new growth coming to our yards and gardens.

    The Psalmist today is also looking forward to the next season beyond the straining and groaning of Earth’s renewal. The Throne, the King, and the future Kingdom are in full view. The expectation is clearly prophetic and longingly hoped for. In time, our faith will be these sights and descriptions fulfilled before our faces. But the  Psalmist is not ignorant of the on-going battle between the flesh and the spirit. Can you feel the battle today? Believers live their lives in occupied territory. Satan is the Prince and power of the air, but not forever. As the enemy of God, his days are numbered. That is the hope in faith for every Believer, that no matter how hard the battle gets, our Victor will always be Jesus Christ. Our commission is not to fight Jesus’ battles, but to stand on the ground which He has already won! The fighting and battle will cease upon His appearing.

    As we consider the likes of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, they lived in the heat of the same battle, and did not see the fulfillment of these things. Our faith should be at least as strong as theirs, knowing Who made these precious promises to those who will trust and believe God’s Word.

    The Fourth of July is this week. We celebrate our national freedoms, won with the shedding of the blood of multiple generations. But the freedom from sin which we truly seek has already been won by the shedding of Jesus’ blood. The seasons are moving forward; will it be this next one, or the one after that? Can we hold on to the promises until He comes and fulfills all? Maybe we are suffering now, but soon….   Soon we shall stand with Him. At that time, we will be in His presence. His goodness extends to saints in the earth, and to the excellent, which are His delight.

Psalm 16:1-5   -   BE HIS DELIGHT!

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