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AN OPPORTUNITY FOR TRUTH:  Providing Creation Science In The Classroom!

Russ Miller of CREATION, EVOLUTION & SCIENCE MINISTRIES has some fantastic news! He shared the following to share with all of you:

"Would you like to see all public, private, homeschool and Christian schools offer an accredited course that promoted a Biblical worldview, supported Creation, challenged Darwinism, eroded old-earth beliefs, and revealed the Truth of God and His Word?  If you think I am just dreaming, think again!"

"For the past twenty years polls have been reporting ~85% of Christian kids leave the church by age 20. Both Pew & Barna report the primary reason is students are being taught Darwinian evolution. Combine this with the fact that churches offer them few, if any, arguments against macro-evolution and we have the recipe for this disaster.

"Well, that is about to change! Northwest Christian School of Phoenix, one of only 17 Christian schools in the world to earn ‘Exemplary Accreditation,’ has teamed with us to develop an online ‘Creation Science and Biblical Worldview’ course that is transferrable as an elective credit to any public high school in the USA! And being online, any student in the world can take this class!

"The current challenge, and where we need your help, is getting word of this life-changing course to Christian churches, pastors, parents, grandparents, students, homeschool groups and Christian schools. Here is a link to information about the course"

"This course provides the information Christian kids need, and they can garner this vital knowledge while earning a high school credit!

"If you want to take back godly education and protect Christian children, then take 60 seconds right now and forward this letter to church leaders, Christian schools, educators, and especially to the 90% of Christian parents whose kids attend public schools. And please pray that God will bless your part in the effort of “bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” (2 Cor 10:5)."
Blessings to you, Russ Miller"      www. CreationMinistries.Org

Share this article with others! This is exciting news indeed because of the fact that students will be educated and trained with biblical truth, coupled with real scientific evidence that verifies what GOD teaches us in His Word! This can begin to affect the tide of abandonment by our youth of their faith and give them the means of "testing all things, hold securely that which is good" (1 THESS 5:21).

We also recommend this handbook that is packed with all kinds of useful information!

CARE NET Walk For Life

Coming up in August, Care Net will sponsor a VIRTUAL WALK FOR LIFE, supporting the awareness for all life.

Walk around the block or run a 5k, by yourself or with family and friends. We are asking you to join us by showing the community what you stand for in participating in our virtual Walk for Life. 

When Individuals and families register, they will receive a T-Shirt to wear while they walk/run. We believe the visual of seeing people wear the same shirts as they are outside that weekend will prompt people to enquire about Care Net and what we do. 

While you are out, we ask that you take a picture, post it on Facebook and/or Instagram, and tag us in it. We will even put your name in a drawing for one of our awesome prizes when you do that. You can walk anytime during the weekend of August 13th-15th. 

We will be hosting live “walk with me” times where our Executive Director and Center Manger will go live on Facebook during their walk. During that time, they will share why this event is so important for Care Net and Ontario County. You can join them by walking at the same time in your own neighborhood and listening to their live stream.

Sign up to register! 

Pro - Love / Pro - Life: Register Here


Our next word day is scheduled for Saturday, August 7th - 10 A.M.

If available, please join us as we continue to maintain and improve our church building. Our sites are still set on our Certificate of Occupancy and maintaining a safe place for all who come through our doors.

"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ." Colossians 3:23, 24


Please feel comfortable to wear, or not wear a mask. There is plenty of room in the Sanctuary for Social Distancing. State guidelines offer an either/or choice for masks and social distancing.

Please maintain one or the other so as to not stumble someone who does not share your liberty for whatever the reason.

Be respectful and courteous of the choices of others.

In recent weeks, we have had no electronic interference with the recording of the teachings. The online recordings are clear and crisp. We simply want the best recording quality possible for our online listeners. So we ask that you please, power your phone to off, OR switch it to “AIRPLANE MODE” to eliminate any stray electronic signals during service times.


We will continue to follow the CDC guidelines regarding face masks and social distancing as closely as possible, acknowledging that face masks are too restrictive for some people, and even dangerous to those that wear them for multiple hours each day.  There is plenty of room to Social Distance comfortably here.

We are continuing to pray about our Grand Re-Opening/Dedication Service in our remodeled Sanctuary.  

"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not."  Galatians 6:9
  • Continue to pray for our communities, those under quarantine, and those infected with COVID 19 virus.
  • Continue to pray for outreach to our community.
  • Continue to pray for lost souls to be saved.
  • Continue to pray for each other, and yourselves to be able ministers of His Gospel and grace.
  • We are continuing to pray about our Grand Re-Opening/Dedication Service in our remodeled Sanctuary.  
  • Pray always!  Pray without ceasing!

Audio Bible Studies are available on CD's after the service, or are free to listen to online on our Media Page.

If you are an online listener and would like to order a CD, please send us your request by email to:

The Lord's Supper is a remembrance of what Christ did for us and a celebration of what we receive as a result of His sacrifice. 

Communion is offered the first Sunday of each month and select holidays.

  • An Agape Box is available at the back of the Fellowship Hall for Tithes and Offerings. If you would like to help support this ministry, please send your love offering to: Whitestone Christian Fellowship, 21 Maple Street, Victor, NY 14564.
  • Prayer Requests can also be place in the Agape' Box, OR send an email:

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