Sunday, October 5, 2014


by Pastor Bob Lawrenz

   The story of the Hebrews begins with Abraham hearing from God, and then by faith, following God’s directions. While we see Abraham as being imperfect, we must also see that he obeyed God and packed up his family, moving away from familiar surroundings to a different land altogether. Abraham’s appointment with God led him to a new land, and to being the progenitor of a new people.

    Just this weekend, we have seen a young family pull up stakes, and move lock, stock, and barrel to a new region of the country; God wanted to bless them, and put everything together for their journey. They have had an appointment with Jesus, and He has directed them to a new life elsewhere.     

    We are also witness to a family that is watching a beloved member struggle with cancer, and being readied for hospice care, in apparent preparation to go home and meet the Lord. She has an appointment with Jesus.

    All of us are appointed by God for something. His desire is to change our course and alter our path. In Luke 12:46 an unfaithful servant is appointed his portion with unbelievers (This is NOT good news!). In Acts 6:3, seven men are to be appointed to serve in the church as deacons, taking on simple tasks. It should occur to us that everyone is appointed by God to something, regardless of their religious beliefs, or their lack of them.

    In God’s family of Believers, everyone has their place. Once in a great while, it’s a perfect fit from the start, but most times we are appointed and molded and shaped into a perfect fit. Our sister-in-the-Lord is being prepared for her appointment, for flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God. For the rest of us, our molding and shaping is less severe, but equally vital if we are to be used by God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

    God may have several appointments in our lifetimes, and always with a purpose, but it’s inevitably to draw us closer to Him in a relationship of loving trust, with each new appointment an adventure towards peace with Him.

But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou
our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.  ~Isaiah 64:8

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