Saturday, April 4, 2015

Jesus: God of the Impossible!

by Pastor Bob Lawrenz
This week as I gathered my thoughts about what to teach on Resurrection Day, I was blessed to see something come clearly into view that I think we all take by faith, and also take for granted:

Though we’ve learned the story of redemption from the Gospels, and gleaned much from the Old Testament about God’s plan of Salvation, Jesus’ life remains to be an incomprehensible impossibility according to human understanding.

    The ancient gods of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome interacted with humans, but for the most part, they stayed either separate, or aloof from mere mortals. Jesus is unique because He willingly became what He created (Col. 1)

    His Virgin birth? Impossible. His possession of knowledge to teach the scribes and Pharisees? Impossible. His teachings of the same scriptures as the Pharisees, but with grace and authority? Impossible. To heal with a simple touch? Impossible. To heal remotely by the word of His mouth, without any touch at all. Impossible. To feed more than 5,000 with two fish, and five loaves of bread? Impossible. To walk on water? Impossible. To heal a withered hand, make the dumb hear, the blind see, and the mute to speak? All impossible.

     To raise the dead? Impossible. To look beyond the cross, for the joy that lay ahead? Impossible. To go willingly to the cross? Impossible. To dismiss His own spirit? Impossible. To raise Himself up out of a tomb? Impossible. To raise Himself up bodily and be take into a cloud? Impossible.

    A young Virgin, Mary, thought what God had the Angel say to her was impossible. To give birth without knowing a man? Impossible. But from those first words of the Angel Gabriel, we read what Matthew recorded so long ago for us: “For with God, nothing shall be impossible.”  (Lk. 1:37)

    Jesus is the God of the impossible. If He did all those things for the Tribes of Israel, can you imagine what He will do for His own Church? If He did all those things for doubters, skeptics, and non-believers, can you then imagine what He might do for you and for me? If only we would ask!

    But it sounds all the more impossible, doesn’t it? Miracles, just for the asking…  

“Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, 
that your joy may be full.”    - John 16:24

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