Friday, November 2, 2018

The Silversmiths Revolt

Bobservations Column
By Pastor Bob Lawrenz

    Earlier, in Acts (5:34), there a large dispute. The Jews were offended at the Apostles’ teaching and ministering in the name of Jesus. It was the Pharisee Gamaliel that became the voice of reason, discouraging the Jews from doing anything to the Apostles and their service for Christ.

    Gamaliel’s conclusion: If the message of Christ is of the world, the world will not be able to sustain it. But if His message was of God, the Jews would be, as it were, fighting against God. A voice of reason was heard by the Jews.

    There is no doubt that Gamaliel was on God’s side, and on neither the side of the Jews, nor the Apostles. God would decide what would become of the teachings of Jesus.

    This happens again in our study of Acts 2. A voice of reason prevails in returning civility to a heated mob, with charges and accusations against the Apostles being bandied about.

    “There is nothing new under the sun,” Solomon wrote. This week, an accused bomber was apprehended amidst his emotionally charged response to the strong vitriolic words that fueled the unsuccessful attack across the USA. His bombs hurt no one but were considered as a domestic terrorist act. He is facing up to 58 years in prison. Democrats in high position were the targets. The media covered the investigation thoroughly. Police and Government Agencies provided a voice of reason among strong emotions. 

    Earlier this month a young man sent a package of deadly ricin to our President, and high officials at the Pentagon. Again, a man was fueled by strong rhetoric and he had an emotionally charged response against the President and others in the Republican leadership. Oddly, this man was charged with his crime while the hunt for the bomb-maker was in full swing, yet few even heard of the attack, for which he now faces a possible term of life in prison if convicted. Throwing verbal gasoline on a fire has ruined two lives this week. 

    Voices of reason need to be heard in order to diffuse critical situations. A “mob mentality” can take control where there is no one to invoke reason. Verbal attacks need to be silenced on both sides. Reason must rule over emotion.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall 
be called the children of God.”   ~ Matthew 5:9 ~

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