Sunday, May 3, 2020

Emmaus Road Meeting

Bobservations Column
By Pastor Bob Lawrenz

John 1:14 -- "The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the one and only Son who came from the Father, full of grace and truth." (NIV)

This is the first time that John called the Word the only Son of the Father. You might have wondered who the Word was when John began the Chapter with “In the beginning was the Word” (John 1:1). “Through Him all things were made” (v.3), and “In Him was life, and that life was the light of men.” (v.4) 

In this passage you see that the Word, who existed with the Father from eternity and is the light for humanity, is God’s only Son. The Word alone is the Son, and no one else. Now we understand what John meant when he used the term “Word.” From verse 14 on, John will speak plainly about Christ’s kingdom. Up to this point he spoke with strange and unusual words. They weren’t clear in any language, but now he says, “The Word is the one and only Son.” 

God also has many other children, however, He has only one Son through whom He created everything (Colossians 1:15-17). Rather, these children were created through His only Son, who is co-equal Creator of heaven and Earth with the Father. All the others became children through the Son. The Word alone is, as Paul states in Romans 1:4, the Son of God. And it is through the Son that God makes and rules all things. 

We must hold this passage from the Gospel of John in the highest regard. We should comfort ourselves with it in times of trials, sorrow, and temptation. We should hold onto it in faith, because it reminds us that we too are the children of God, through His beloved Son. 

(From the writings and sermons of Martin Luther, 1483-1546)
Ref. “FAITH ALONE – A Daily Devotional, James C. Galvin, editor

Luther’s words make us think a little “outside the box” when it comes to his use of words. What has come forth from the Father is His Word, and that Word became flesh and dwells with us still. 

Pastor Bob

Today's Audio Message:  "Emmaus Road Meeting"

In Luke chapter 24, we read of two disciples who on that day of our Lord's resurrection, were walking down the road heading to Emmaus. It is here that Jesus meets them on the road. "...while they communed together and reasoned, Jesus himself drew near, and went with them (vs. 15).

It is a wonderful story of revelation. In it we see how Christ by his Spirit and grace makes himself known to his people. He opens the Scriptures to them. He meets them at his table, and is known to them in the breaking of bread. He opens the eyes of their understanding and they are blessed!

Luke 24 is often seen as a model of the journey that Jesus makes with many of us today, as He opens our eyes, points us to the Word, and reveals Himself along life’s walk as the resurrected Lord and Savior.

We are living in a time where deception and manipulation are the tools to force change. The powers that be are creating planned events to change the course of the world's future. But what does that future look like? It is a future where evil men carry out Satan's agenda. A world that will eventually usher in the Anti-Christ. The world's future is dim indeed. As the Coronavirus, and government restrictions continue, and news organizations continues to provide a false narrative and false information....where do we find the truth? What is really going on? 

As the world continues to spiral out of control, and evil presents itself more and more, who are you going to put your trust in?

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