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Warnings For Every Church

Bobservations Column

Titled - "Warnings for Every Church"
Written by: Pastor Bob Lawrenz

John begins to write: seven letters, to seven churches. He draws strength from His solid and close relationship with the Lord 
Jesus. He is, after all, “the Apostle whom Jesus loved.” The phrase is repeated five times in John’s Gospel; the first time gives us a glimpse of the seating arrangements at the Last Supper in John 13:23. (John chapter 19:26, 20:2, 21:7, and 21:20 are the other four verses.)

Jesus, knowing what plans he had for John, made sure that John sat next to Him at the Last Supper to be a witness. Jesus has directed John to write letters to the churches which are in Asia: “write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter.” (Rev. 1:11). In a nutshell, that’s past, present, and future. But it’s much more than that: it’s testimony of the past; It’s to be a record of “The things which are;” current observations combined with the Spiritual Gift of discernment. And “the things which shall be hereafter” are clearly prophetic admonishment and encouragement from Jesus Himself to the seven churches.

The Isle of Patmos is little more than a desolate rock island of the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Asia Minor. Seclusion would be an understatement; isolation would be a better description of John’s life on the island. Hardship, for nothing grows on such an island, except for the isolated trees which struggle to gain root. Isolated from family, friends and the churches he loves, the Holy Spirit becomes His constant companion.

John learns to trust even more on the Word of God: “Take no thought for your life; what ye shall eat; neither for the body, what ye shall put on. The life is more than meat, and the body more than raiment...” (Luke 12:22-32). Alone and relying on Jesus, John finds himself in an enviable position, for the Spirit flows through him for this commission to write, and all his needs are supplied.

Likewise, when we find ourselves downtrodden and empty, suffering and without vision, that Jesus comes and fills all the void. Peace for today, and bright hope for tomorrow.

With his brother James, John has received his new name from the pure, Chief Cornerstone of Revelation 2:17, and vindication of sin. “…a new name written.”  
John Boanerges, which means "son of thunder."

Sunday Morning Audio Message:
Revelation 2:1-11 - "Warnings For Every Church"

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