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In One Hour

Bobservations' Column
Titled - "In One Hour"
Written by:  Pastor Bob Lawrenz

We have a closing view of Babylon today in Revelation 18, just a few verses.

From the beginning of this chapter, we have read of this great city’s downfall. The riches and wealth of the city have come to a permanent end. We have already had a tiny taste of this in most of our lives. We witnessed it, and have seen its aftermath. It was covered world-wide on the world’s media platforms in print, on radio, TV, and all over the Internet.

Just short of 25 years ago, religious zealots praised and celebrated the attack on the World Trade Center in New York. TV and the Internet covered the attack in-depth via video broadcasts. We do not know if Babylon is identified as New York City, but many of NY’s character and traits fit the description, as do several other major world cities. But perhaps the most striking that we have seen is the name itself: “The World Trade Center”

First Responders of all sorts were already enroute or in-place by the time the media set their cameras up in time to watch the second plane hit its target. Initial reports told us of the first plane striking the tower. Was it an accident? Pilot error? Avionics gone wrong? Those questions were no longer asked once the second tower was hit by a second plane. Media viewers watched in horror as the second plane turned deliberately towards its target. Multiple planes were hijacked and flown to different targets. Their pilots all on a suicide mission.

Just four miles away stood the United Nations Building, where heads of State and Ambassadors from around the world meet to make sure the nations of the world did not run amuck from one another. Sadly, and full of hypocrisy, many of our nation’s enemies meet in that building yet today.

Western Countries bewailed the losses from the World Trade Center attack.

The Islamic nations of the Middle East celebrated, and partied in the streets.
Islamic zealots became the enemies of the modern world, and heroes of Islam.

This was a small taste of what’s coming. Babylon will be coming down. Our loving Savior, however, has told us that He would be faithful too His Church. To His Word, and to His Church faithful will He always be.

From Revelation 18:10 - 

“Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, 'Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour is thy judgment come."

The South Tower collapsed, just 56 minutes after the plane struck.

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Sunday Morning's Audio Message:
Revelation 18:19-24 - "In One Hour"

Summary/Additional Bible NotesAdditional Study Notes are forthcoming!

Last week we looked at the judgment of God on the physical city of Babylon which will be the political and economic capital of the Antichrist’s world empire. We went through the first 18 verses where we looked at several aspects of judgment. As we finish up this chapter, we will look at a few more aspects of judgment...  judgment that is mourned by the unrepentant yet celebrated by the saints.  It is a judgment that is finished and justified.

This is the final and absolute destruction of the beast's vast economic and political system.

The city-nation of Babylon, in the end times, is the hub of commerce and power, and of pervasive wickedness, sinfulness, idolatry and sensual perversions (Revelation 18:1–3).

The sins of Babylon are enormous, and her judgment from God will be in proportion to that sin. The rapid nature of this judgment is revealed.  Babylon is fallen, is fallen!  In one hour, she’s been laid waste. This was the city, the great city. No city like the great city, and it went down in one hour – not literally, but in one great hour of immediate judgment.  Babylon falls completely and forever! 

In verse 20, 
"Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God hath avenged you on her" heaven rejoices.  There is rejoicing because righteousness triumphs, because Christ is exalted, because the kingdom comes, and the people damned to hell with all their power and all their will, and all the expression of their heart made their choice against every conceivable warning. This is the rejoicing that heaven waits for, beloved, even today, when sin is crushed, when sinners are destroyed, when the cursed earth is burned and a restored earth is made, and Jesus comes and sets up His kingdom, and peace and righteousness reign. And if you’re a Christian you understand that, because the Lord has endured humiliation long enough, and so have His people. And righteousness and justice and truth and purity have had enough abuse.

Additional Study Notes are forthcoming!

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