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  1. Hello,be of good cheer my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,our redemption drawth nigh.Blessed be the name of Our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.Just a short note we ought to try one-anothering to take our minds off the things of this world.Be a blessing to someone like what pastor Bob was telling us walk the extra mile.Pax.

  2. hello,as Christians remember what Christ Jesus freed the body from.Let us keep in rememberance our brethren around this globe and those in space as we pray for their salvation.We are spiritually minded while in this world,remember this we are but dust and we are just passing through.Praise GOD from all blessings flow even in times of testing.He is the refiners fire.We are but dross,we are nothing without CHRIST JESUS.The world doesn't understand we are nothing but CHRIST JESUS is everything to the brethren.Pax & Shalom.

  3. Bad News and Good News.
    I have been sending messages to hundreds of churches since late April, looking for a Good Samaritan, for sharing in this urgent life-saving mission, spreading the word, offering prayers and hope. The sources here cover bad news and good news. Praying that my cousin Rodney L. Dutton will have a kidney connection as well as many more in urgent need, thanks to faithful followers who do unto others as they would have done unto them and loved ones, to the best of their healthy and generous ability. Through God’s grace, we help heal and save lives.
    Organ Donation and Transplantation Statistics | National Kidney Foundation
    Living Kidney Donor Network - Success Stories ( (my cousin Rodney Dutton and many others in need)
    Daryl Denning Corning, NY 607-329-6266


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