Saturday, January 18, 2014


Bobservations Column
by Pastor Bob Lawrenz

The woman in the picture at left is Lettie Cowman… No, she is not one of my long-lost ancestors, but she was a sister-in-the-Lord. Her writings have blessed people around the world. You likely know her better as Mrs. Charles Cowman, author of the 1925 Bible Devotional, “STREAMS IN THE DESERT.” Even when Volume 2 of the devotional came out, she deliberately concealed herself by using her husband’s name. As a missionary, Charles (on Lettie’s right) founded the Oriental Missions Society in Japan and the Far East. Their work in the Mission Fields of the Orient is monumental, and here in the West, it is Lettie’s books that still delight and minister to believers almost a century later. Seeking no fame for herself, her books compile the words of her favorite devotionals and authors both known and unknown, as they wrote on Christian Living. In many ways, her life was hid in her husband and his ministry, and I admit, I had to do some digging to learn her given first name.

When people hear of us, or of our works, do they see our names, or only the name of Jesus our husbandman? Lettie was thoroughly content with her husband’s name and humbly sought no personal recognition as “Lettie.” Her joy in life was belonging to and being recognized through his identity. Her authorship of seven books all bear the name of Mrs. Charles Cowman.

The world prods us to fame and fortune, as we see in today’s Psalm (the 73rd). Success is rated by the world in possessions and position; in wealth and influence, but Jesus calls us to be separate from the world; to be “in” the world, but not “of” it. Jesus calls us to a life of humility. If we are to be remembered for anything, let it be for a life lived in humility, rather than humiliation. True victory is found with our lives hid in Christ Jesus. He is our covering.

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