Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Heart of Every Mother

by Pastor Bob Lawrenz

The media recently covered a mother on a video shot from the riots in Baltimore. She had recognized her son on previous video coverage of the riots, and she was pretty upset about her son throwing rocks and causing bodily harm and property damage. She retrieved her son on-screen. She wanted something better for him than that kind of reputation. Many cheered her on, and quietly wished there were more moms like her. And sadly we must acknowledge that many fall short in that regard.   

    The heart of every Mother is that her children would grow healthy and strong, and learn how to make good decisions for themselves and their families. Along the way, comes the parental responsibility to teach, reprove, correct, and instruct our children. THAT’S what we witnessed on television as we watched that Mom protect her child from himself. 

    Successful children who learn such lessons and become productive members of family and society are a source of endless pride to any parent. On this day, I wonder how Mary dealt with Jesus, and then realize that He would not have gone through “the terrible twos,” or troublesome times as a teen. Then too, it must have been quite a trial to find that at the age of twelve, Jesus was teaching in the Temple, when His Earthly parents thought He was traveling with them, homeward bound after a holiday. 

    Mary’s relationship to her Son was a source of humbled pride, to have been chosen to bring the Savior into the world. From the Annunciation of Gabriel that she was to bear a son, to see Jesus’ ministry take off, and then have Him crucified, and then… to see Him resurrected. Today’s scripture passage is the last time we hear of Mary’s participation in the continuing ministry of her Son. But we can be sure that she took up her role, and performed it admirably, for Jesus had promised to return, and He had commissioned John to take care of her. Mary’s pride and purpose would continue as the Apostles, and His brethren took Jesus’ message to the world. 

"These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brethren." ~Acts 1:14


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