Sunday, February 2, 2020


Bobservations Column
By Pastor Bob Lawrenz

When hardships come along, even Believers will sit back to ask God what's going on, and when the troubles start to pile up, we can begin to doubt God and those that He has sent to encourage us.  It seems incongruous that we are being encouraged even as we are being torn down.  Humanly, we find ourselves in untenable situations.  When two people tell us two different things about the same situation, it makes sense that one is lying to us.

But which one?  Until that question is resolved, we must consider them both to be liars.  We don't have to declare that to them, and in fact, we should not.  To speak those words to them risks losing the friendship with the one that is not lying to us.  But in the meantime, it's best to lay low and wait for God to bring the resolution.

In Jeremiah's day, their priest and teachers were telling them everything was alright, while Jeremiah was bringing warnings of losing everything.  By adhering to the "nicer" message of the priests, the Jews of Jerusalem laid themselves wide open for God's vengeance on their nation and tribe.

But what a merciful God, and in spite of His judgment! Today we read of His promise to return them and to supply new pastor/shepherds to them who will feed them properly!  Additionally, God reiterates directly to them the Promise of the Redeemer/Savior who will come from their Tribe, a King Who shall reign and rule over the Earth!  He shall reign in righteousness, restore them to their land, with all their fellow Tribes!

Before that happens the Lord must take them through a time of purging, and getting rid of their idolatrous habits.  The time in Babylon for the Jews will give them a hunger for their own country,  their own Jehovah, His teachings and His righteousness.

This is the message of that Christian standard, the poem "Footprints."  That single set of footprints carries us securely to the place He wants us to be.

We doubt due to our poor perception, but they are God's footprints in the sand, not our own.  Unable to walk, or stand ourselves, Jesus carries us.  

~ He will carry you through all your troubles. ~

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