Monday, March 30, 2020

Corona Virus Shutdown Week #2

Bobservations Column
By Pastor Bob Lawrenz

I walked into a local Grocery store the other day, and the line at the check out wasn’t even discernable. Everyone was keeping such distances from one another that it was impossible to tell who was in line, and who wasn’t. It turned out that there were only four people were ahead of me in line, and I was 50 feet away from the cashier! An elderly woman was looking for the end of the line… We never did see her again!

Social Distancing is working in the USA. The Corona Virus’ “European Model” is now too out-dated to be believable. We should understand that “model studies” provide us with worst-case scenarios. All it takes is one tweak in the statistics and the results change drastically. The European Model of Corona/COVID-19 never took into consideration any actions undertaken by many governments, Social Distancing being among them.

Following up on last week’s Bobservations, the neighborhoods are still quiet during morning and evening rush hours, and with businesses and non-essential work sites closed down, the numbers of walkers in the neighborhood continues to blossom. Yesterday (Sunday) my wife and I were on the way home from church (Church is closed, yes, but our recording equipment is there for uploading to the web.). On our way home, it was in the high 60 degree range. Passing along the Erie Canal through a nearby Hamlet, we counted 58 people walking along the canal’s towpath, and numerous dogs walking with their owners; and this was within a distance of about a single mile. Couples and families are together on a Sunday morning, rather than divided by activities for the kids, or video games from the couch. I wonder how many of those families would otherwise be in church together if it weren’t for the closures of most churches during this time. I suddenly began to really miss the congregation, and immediately prayed for their safety and protection, for however they were spending their day.

Jesus taught us to "pray without ceasing." There’s plenty to pray about these days, from individuals, to families, friends, neighborhoods towns and cities. But we cannot forget about interceding for those facing their demise from the usual death rates. Heart attacks, strokes, accidents, and the diseases that we’re used to dealing with and praying about. I began to pray for my former co-workers who are First Responders, and everyone in “essential” job positions. Think about the explosion of delivery drivers, and your mailman. From gas station attendants to the guy that advised you well at Home Depot or your favorite Hardware Store.

Maybe you don’t know anyone with the Corona Virus, but there are plenty of people to pray for, and things to pray about. If you can’t think of anything, then you’re not thinking broadly enough. COVID-19 may be the current “noisesome pestilence,” but we still need to be interceding for others who do not live under the wings of our mighty God. Psalm 91 is just as important today as it was in King David’s day.

Pray for any who might read this!

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