Saturday, August 29, 2020

We Will Obey

Bobservations Column
By Pastor Bob Lawrenz

With leadership in disarray, any nation is ripe for a coup d’état. Outside forces watch and wait for opportunities to converge and they set their sights on taking over a nation, or a corporation, or a State, county, or a neighborhood. This, is history repeated over and over again. “Conquer, or be conquered!”

True leadership will restore order and a sense of security for the people. But in Chapter 42 of Jeremiah, the new leader, Johanan is sought out, and by-passed for Jeremiah the Prophet. It is a good thing to see that the Jews were willing to seek out God’s Word, and have Him reveal His plans for them.

But even the Word of God is not enough for some, and the Jews among whom Jeremiah lived, were the same “stiff-necked” people as ever. Self-willed, and sticking together for strength in numbers, they forget that this same path was what brought the judgment of God upon their entire nation.

Suppose that it is our faith that is in disarray. We question our “Leader” and His ability to provide security and safety? Our enemy and His, is waiting and watching for the right moment. Avoiding or rejecting God’s counsel will inevitably end with our vulnerability to a personal spiritual “coup” to take place. Is this too not the same throughout history? The head of Liberty College was just removed because he compromised his faith. These are simple, practical lessons for us, and for our country. The application is both narrow for individuals, and broad for entire nations.

The nation that rejects God, and keeps Him away from its children, its youth, and its citizens cannot maintain its independence and liberty. God’s enemies are rioting in our streets, and they also riot in the heart of mankind. For them, freedom means the removal of all authority over them.

True liberty, however, comes with the removal of fear, and from an orderly society able to hear the Holy Spirit. Clamoring and destructive riots bring fear to the people. That’s not freedom, nor is it liberty, for our liberty comes from God.
Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.~ 2 Corinthians 3:17 ~

Today's Audio Message: "We Will Obey"

There is something to be said about fear and predetermined thoughts when seeking the Lord. Johanan wants to flee to Egypt, but seeks counsel from Jeremiah first. While they are wise to seek the Lord, are they ready to obey what God asks? “Pray for us, we will do whatever God asks.” Jeremiah goes off to seek the Lord, and as 10 days go by, perhaps patience is wearing thin. It seems that Johanan and those with him had already determined the direction they wanted to go. The call to trust and obey was not what they wanted to hear. The Lord challenged them once again to obey Him, and He also warned them of the danger of following their own counsel, and walking their own way. Destruction will surely follow them. They wanted what seemed to be the easy path. You would think by now they would get it, but like many of us, they are a stubborn and rebellious people. Johanan trusts in his own thoughts and follows his own ways instead of the Lord's.

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