Saturday, September 5, 2020

Fake News!

Bobservations Column
By Pastor Bob Lawrenz

The problem with News Sources is that we ourselves rarely know who they are. We place trust in the people that come into our living rooms each evening and present the Headline News stories to us. But who are their “sources?” Before the corruption inside the beltway became a news item itself, there was a movie which flopped in the theaters. “WAG THE DOG” spoofed the Advertising Industry, and was meant to be a comedy.

Advertising Executives created a false truth, and then marketed their commercials to authenticate the lie. They created a false scenario; promoted a false public response; and then marketed a fake solution to a non-existent problem. Personally, it seems to me that lies are now the truth, and the truth is a lie: that’s what fake news is all about.

The "Experts" of the remnant that aligned themselves with Jeremiah heard all his words from God, and then they called him a liar. They believed he had an agenda, and instead they revealed their own agenda: they did not want to repent and change their sinful ways.

A person’s “thoughts and the intents of their heart” is a perfect definition of their personal agenda. Those of Jesus’ were always pure and true; always meant to draw us in, convict us of sin, and bring us to His expected end for us.

Jeremiah, as always, is between a rock and a hard place. His commission was to preach to the Jews of Jerusalem, so he is taken with them to Tahpanhes, Egypt. And there, the Lord spoke to him again. If we go to the world (Egypt), rather than to God for refuge and safety, then our troubles will follow us and the judgment will be upon our worldly refuge.

Fake News? False Idols. Real judgment.
Isaiah 5:20 – “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (And check out verse 19 !)

 Today's Audio Message: "Fake News!"

What we see here in chapter 43 is same thing we have been seeing through the book of Jeremiah. A people who want God’s approval, but not His plan. Seeking God’s approval and not His plan is wrong. It will fail miserably. These rebellious people will again suffer the consequences of their own actions because they WILL NOT HEARKEN to the Word of the Lord. The men of Judah decide Jeremiah is a liar so they will not obey the words of the Lord to come back to their land. They want to go to Egypt where they believe it’s safe and more comfortable. These “leaders” make the decision to disobey God and sadly bring everyone else down with them. There is a cost to their disobedience, but God is still in control. There is no doubt, many times what God asks of us is not easy. The path He lays out takes turns where we once again have to trust Him. Once again we have to rely upon and look to Him. He alone is our refuge and we will dwell in safety only when we obey His word.

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